How Personal Assistants Can Enhance Tech Efficiency for the Wealthy


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David McBride

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High-net-worth individuals (HWNIs) thrive on efficiency. The more efficient their lives, technology, and businesses are, the more time they can dedicate to elevating their companies. For personal assistants, assisting HNWIs to achieve optimal efficiency and security is vital for success, and technology is at the heart of modern efficiency. 

However, the path to enhancing tech efficiency is not a simple one. Individuals and businesses looking to improve efficiency often face complex challenges such as disparate systems across companies, geographic constraints, or different compliance requirements and regulations across industries. And the risk of cutting corners and leaving data vulnerable to cyber threats is high. These issues can create inefficiencies in the future, highlighting the need for executive assistants to be diligent in helping their HNWI navigate the complex world of technology. 

With the high need for efficiency, personal assistants need to know how to leverage technology to create increased efficiency and security for their HNWI to stay ahead of the digital curve. By learning to identify your HNWI’s needs, vulnerabilities, and strengths, you can leverage IT services to improve efficiency throughout their day-to-day. 

Enhancing the Tech Needs of the Elite

The first step in supporting HNWI is identifying and understanding their specific needs and priorities. While creating enhanced efficiency remains the focus, the approach varies from one executive to the next. Some HNWIs prefer to be frugal. Others may focus on convenience. Additionally, the decision-making processes may also be different, making your expertise as their assistant vital for success.

Regardless of HOW they typically operate in these areas, every executive faces issues that impact efficiency.

Disparate systems 

Disparate systems typically exist as a result of two leading causes – managing multiple portfolio companies and previous data silos. These issues leave businesses with IT systems that don’t integrate, making sharing and finding data inefficient.

Creating an integrated IT system is essential for enhancing the technology and efficiency of your HNWI. 

Data Silos 

A data silo is when vital business data is isolated from other employees or IT systems, making it hard to access. Data silos can lead to disparate systems and cause inefficiencies throughout the company. 

Eliminating data silos requires integrated systems and sharing of knowledge across the business. 


The term IT security can feel either overwhelming or not applicable. For personal assistants, helping HNWI manage personal and business security is the first step in creating a safe IT environment. 

By knowing where weak spots exist in IT security, you can help navigate passwords, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and software implementations. These play a vital role in maintaining data security at all levels of your HNWI’s life. 


Optimizing data privacy means adhering to industry-specific guidelines and running scheduled audits to ensure that regulations are consistently met. Maintaining compliance and data privacy is essential for businesses to operate effectively and efficiently. 

Additionally, enhancing privacy requires HNWIs to separate their personal and business information. This requires using separate devices and different passwords to ensure that personal and business data don’t entangle. 

For HNWIs and their personal assistants, focusing on enhancing privacy concerns will help increase daily efficiency by ensuring the business doesn’t run into potholes in the future.

Complete efficiency

At the center of it all lies creating IT systems that enhance both business efficiency and your HNWI’s personal life. However, managing an entire IT system and its intricacies can prove challenging. 

Additional factors, such as remote work, generative AI, and personal challenges, such as travel and managing multiple businesses, all play a role in determining the best technology plan to create efficiency. For personal assistants, knowing how to leverage technology to create a seamless IT environment is vital for the success of the HNWI. 

Managing IT Systems

Personal assistants shouldn’t and don’t have the time to be experts on IT security and efficiency. However, they should be experts in knowing what their HNWI needs. 

HNWIs are always looking for enhanced efficiency. For personal assistants looking to provide enhanced IT support, it’s best to turn to a trusted MSP partner. By knowing the efficiency, security, and privacy vulnerabilities of their HNWI and partnering with an MSP, personal assistants can start the journey to create an IT infrastructure that works together to enhance efficiency at every level. 

At 99Ten, we have extensive experience in this area, and we offer white-glove IT services to personal assistants and their HNWIs. We go beyond providing a service; we help you use IT to improve efficiency and increase profitability.